Minenwerfer – KRIEGSERLÄRUNG MLP limited to 300 copies!

6 new deadly bullets directly from the front lines of the 1st world war …
Cold , grim and devastating … there shall be no prisoners ….. So be warned , if the hell breaks over you like a deadly shrapnel !!

Comes as a 12 “ ep with sheet and a playing time of 25 minutes . Limited to 300 hand-numbered units !! Costs 11 € plus shipping . For international shipping costs and presale , please contact



Temple of Oblivion – Traum und Trauma “ printed Metalbox!

Epic Black Metal from Saxonia! Over 70 minutes playtime!

Comes with 12 sided, printed Booklet.

Box is limited to 50 handnumbered copies. Signed from the Bandmembers inclusive woven patch and sticker.

price each copy = 20€ + shipping

Song – Temple of Oblivion – Zisleithania (1912):

Song – Temple of Oblivion – Von der Sutjeska (1943):




Temple of Oblivion – Traum und Trauma “ normal CD Version!

Epic Black Metal from Saxonia! Over 70 minutes playtime!

Limited to 450 CD´s. 12 sided, printed Booklet. Professional CD – NO CD-R Print!

price each copy = 10€ + shipping

Song – Temple of Oblivion – Zisleithania (1912):

Song – Temple of Oblivion – Von der Sutjeska (1943):


THORNESBREED’s shirt ‚Horns Ov Gaia‘ is now available and can be ordered. The Shirt artwork is done by Sermon Fortapelsson and bases on THORNESBREED’s song ‚Horns Ov Gaia‘. You may purchase the shirt in S/M/L and XL for 10,- € plus P&P.

THORNESBREED – 273.15 Degrees Below Zero EP
After more than 7 years, THORNESBREED return with 5 pieces of misanthropic hatred, wrath and destruction, raging between blasting annihilation and heavy low-tempo tortures. Limited to 500 hand-numbered vinyl-copies.


1. Onwards to the battlefields!
2. The reaper’s chant
3. 273.15 degrees below zero and the final reflection of internal putrefaction
4. Dusk journey
5. The invocation of the blooming spirit

Niederleib Aera Leid 2 Demo CD

comes in high quality booklet print incl. the lyrics of 2 songs and dvd jewelcase. CD’s were manufactured by sony.

limited to 100 hand-numbered copies!


01 – Erkenntniss

02 – Sterbend

03 – Nebel

04 – Ewiges Leid

05 – Das Weinen der Wälder

total running time: 34:49 minutes

NIEDERLEIB – Aera Leid Demo 1 – Tape
Atmospheric and Depressive Black Metal available on VMP
Limited, handnumbered Edition ( 87 copies! )

Side A
1. Intro
2. Laerchensang

Side B
3. Selbsthass
4. Outro

total playing Time: 22:41 Minutes

picture shows the front and backcover of the tape.
Layout by Noctis Dragoon from Coronatio Serpentis (Thanks Demon).
Pictures drawn by Niederleib
Text from Laerchensang written by Niederleib

Anti Pagan Holocaust Shirt

1st and 2nd edition lim 50 units

APH Shirts are sold out since 15. Sep 2010

CORONATIO SERPENTIS – – The Coronation Of The Serpent Demo Tape

Side A

01 – The Coronation Of The Serpent
02- The Mystic Death

Side B

03- Destruction’s Katharsis 

tape is limited to 108 handnumbered copies.

Coronatio Serpentis is Black Metal influenced by the ancient, occult and unknown. 3 esoteric and luciferion manifestations created by night worship and the channelling of unearthly spirits. 

Solve et coagula

COMING FALL – Logo Shirt

Coming Fall Shirts are available now.

Shirt is limited to 130 Units 

(100 Shirts in M, L and XL and 30 Shirts are girlie-shirts in Size S and M).

COMING FALL – Kill The Lights CD (Digipack)

The Coming Fall Debut CD ‚Kill the Lights‘ is available from Vama Marga Productions.


1. Under The Black Wings
2. Infallibility Lost
3. Seven Sealed Gates
4. The Plague Of This World
5. Final Sacrifice
6. Dark Enlightenment
7. Instrumentally Fallen
8. From The Summit Of The Pyramid
9. Coming Fall

total running time: circa 55 Minutes of total Death Metal Inferno

LIFE IS PAIN – Bloody Melancholy MCD

Life is Pain Pro printed cd.


1. Oppressive Nights in Mental Asylum

2. Bloody Melancholy

3. Negativity

total playtime 24:01 and with lyrics.